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The Dark Side of Tourism

   For those of you that have ever gone on vacation, you know how special an experience it can be. And by vacation, we don’t mean visiting your parents for the holidays – vacations shouldn’t trigger migraines.
  But in reality, there is a downside to tourism – the places you’re visiting, no matter how magical they may seem, have residents who live there all year round, and they, the businesses, environment, everything, are all affected by tourism. Today, we’re discussing the negative side of tourism, and how the throngs of tourists can have a detrimental effect on their dream destination. Traffic jams and crowded streets full of ambling tourists can bring local life to a grinding halt.
      Higher Prices
Anyone who’s been to a popular tourist destination knows that they’re going to spend a lot of money, not only due to the volume of purchases, but because tourist destinations tend to jack up the prices of everything: food, hotels, drinks, services, etc. Many tourists don’t think about this, but the locals must also pay they exorbitant prices, which are at their current state directly due to tourism.
In tourist destinations that tend to rely on the weather for their tourist dollars, like places in the Caribbean, or towns with good skiing, a majority of their workforce is tourism-reliant.
Tourists go to a place because it’s different than what they’re used to, which influences some destinations to play up their “unusualness”, but not too much so.

The most admired historical figure

   The person I admire most is Joan of ArcJoan of Arc was born on January 6th around the year 1412 to Jacques d'Arc and his wife Isabelle in the little village of Domremy. The events in France during these years would set the stage for Joan's later life and the circumstances surrounding her death.The events in France during these years would set the stage for Joan's later life and the circumstances surrounding her death. 
   Although at the time of her birth a truce was still in effect between France and England, an internal war had erupted between two factions of the French Royal family which would make it easier for the English to re-invade.While the French remained divided into warring factions, diplomats failed to extend the truce with England. King Henry V, citing his family's old claim to the French throne, promptly invaded France in August of 1415 and defeated an Armagnac-dominated French army at the battle of Agincourt on October 25th. 
  Joan of Arc is a heroine of France and a peace activist. She has believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in its all-out war with England. She signed a peace treaty in 1420. Joan defended her country and her military career lasted from 1429, and when she was captured by troops loyal to John of Luxemburg. She fought for her life, assisted  french in defended country. Also, she had a major impact on country.
 Joan of Arc raised French morale and her time in action was one that saw a recovery in French military fortunes, which ultimately allowed Charles 7 to be crowned King of France. She quarded her country.
  Joan really inspire me, because she was a courageous woman, she brought about peace to her country.

Live healthy, live longer


Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live longer. Adopt the following habits   to keep your body looking and feeling young
   1. Do not overeat. If you want to live to 100, leaving a little bit of food on your plate may be a good idea. Try to eat fresh produce products and organic food.
   2. Stay out of the son. Avoiding too much sun can head off skin cancer, and it can also keep you looking younger by preventing wrinkles.
   3. Eat fruits and veggies. Nutrional powerhouses filled with fiber and vitamins, fruits and veggies can cut down on heart disease by 76%.
   4. Focus on fitness. You can't go without exercising. Daily exercise may be the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth. You can start doing some crunches, lunges or even you can jogging in the park or near your house.
   5. Choose water as a drink. Before a meal you must drink a water. You must cut down on drinking alcohol, but you can drink some refreshing drinks and soft drinks.
   6. Select healthier alternatives. Snacks based on fruits and veggies, reduced fat dairy foods and whole grains are the healthiest choices. Try to avoid harmful additives in products. Avoid snacks that are high in sugar or saturated fats - such as greasy chips, cakes and chocolate- which can cause to overweight.
  7.Power up the protein. This nutritient is an essential part of your eating plan, and can make up anywhere from 10%- 35% of your total calories.
    So, make a wise decision.

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 Hi there!
 How are u doing?
    Today, if to talk sense I will raise the subject about communication. But it will be interesting and helpful for you.I have prepared some pictures for you.Just relax and enjoy.

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Word families.Word formation.

Upstream Upper-Intermediate B2+

Unit 5

'The magic of Pantomine'






to profit
to adapt

to form

to describe



Hi there!
     In linguistics, word formation is the creation of a new word. Word formation is sometimes contrasted with semantic change, which is a change in a single word's meaning. You must decide which word you need and do formation. So, today I'll share with you how to be aware of word formation, word families, greek and latin roots.
     First of all, you must develop your skills of roots and affixes of words. It would be appropriate to learn the word formation from the different resources. And then, you can just recall the material. It brings you a benefit.
    The root is the heart of the word, the element from which other words may be constructed.There are a lot of exlplanations of greek and latin roots, so practise to set a goal. Understanding the meanings of the common word roots can help us deduce the meanings of new words that we encounter. But be careful: root words can have more than one meaning and various shades of meaning.

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Opportunities of online vocabulary building

   Hi, Kate. How are you? I hope that everything is OK. It's a pity that you were learning English 10 years ago and didn't have any opportunities that have now become available with online tools and resources. But I will tell you in detail how to expand your vocabulary and how to be aware of using online tools and resources, it will work out the easiest way. Today, there is a range of dictionaries, for instance:
 The Free Dictionary is a dictionary, which gives you a definition of a word and it is an effective dictionary, you can concentrate your mind also on new words:
Another an appropriate tool is Oxford Dictionary. This dictionary improve provides a meaning of a word, learns how to say this word and learns how to use this word effectively:
If you want to build your vocabulary, then try to use Cabridge Dictionary, this dictionary includes a definition of a word, doesn't take the time to find a word, gives a wide range of definitions.

Ok, now I'll tell you about interesting tools, which will make a contribution to your vocabulary. It's a free English online Thesaurus that helps you to find the meaning of words and show connections among associated words.
Another effective online tool is Wordshake.
So, I will be very happy if it helps you. Do your best and make a progress!
With love,

Flashcard set in Quizlet:

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My skills of using dictionary effectively

  Hello there! I am learning English and I always use a dictionary to be aware of new words. Besides helping with spelling and word meaning, usind a dictionary effectively and accurately is a perfect way to improve our English. Now, I can give you some methods about using dictionary effectively:

  • you should concentrate your mind on a new word and understand the gist of the word slowly but surely.
  • you should make a note of  new words, because later you can look up the word in your notes and revise these words again.
  • you can guess the meaning of the word, it will work for you, really.
  • you can divide new words into some groups, for instance, nouns, adjectives, verbs, it will work for you.
  • you should always use relevant dictionaries, look up the definition of the word to know exactly the word.
 A dictionary can help you determine the precise denotations of words. If you expand your vocabulary you will achieve a goal! It is also better to use a wide range of vocabulary.  Furthermore, do not forget to do revision. Just take the time and make progress.

1. The word I tend to mispronounce on a regular basis:
Prison (n)-\ˈpri-zən\a place of confinement especially for lawbreakers; specifically :  an institution (as one under state jurisdiction) for confinement of persons convicted of serious crimes — compare.

2.A few words I always confuse:

She accepted a book as a present.
Thew work every day except Friday.
to agree to receive or do
not including
to change or make a difference to
a result; to bring about a result
 Your attitude will affect how succesful you are.
This has an effect to our health.

to cover or surround
a paper container for a letter
A feeling of despair enveloped him
My mum sent me a letter in an envelope.

3.Words that entered the dictionary in 2016:
  • agender, adj.
  • basic wage, n.
  • bish-bosh, n.
  • botter, n.
  • bottle-cleaner, n.